The Antifreeze Incident…

In 2009 we headed down to southern part of my province: my parents, my son and I. We went to attend a family function. The nearest place for shopping was a large town. My dad went to Canadian Tire, of course, to do his shopping. My mom, my son and I headed to the dollar store. When we got back to the truck I could tell something was up with my dad. He told me while he was in Canadian Tire he was pushing a cart and had put two jugs of antifreeze in there as there was a good sale on them. My dad has always taken good care of his vehicles so when he saw a good sale he’d stock up on necessary items. An older man, non-Indigenous, came walking by him, looked in his cart, then looked at my dad and asked “Are you guys still drinking that?” My dad didn’t respond to him. Throughout the years he learned that sometimes it’s best not to acknowledge those types of remarks. I was instantly mad and kept asking “is that him?” when I saw old men walking out of Canadian Tire. It still makes my blood boil just writing about that incident.


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